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Frequently Asked Questions I Receive From Brides & Grooms

1. Why should I hire InStyle Wedding Planning instead of other wedding planners???

We are the best! Service, service, service is where we begin our relationship with our brides and grooms. It continues way after their one of a kind wedding day and they jet off to their honeymoon. We are passionate about creating, planning and designing weddings while our clients are getting an amazing experience. We are about brides and grooms getting the wedding they have always dreamed of and an experience they never thought possible.

2. When should I hire my wedding planner?

From the moment you get engaged!

3. Décor is very important to us for our wedding. Can you help us design and create the "look" that we want?

Absolutely! Having the right decor changes the entire wedding from the ceremony to the wedding reception. InStyle Wedding Planning & Design will help you create the ideas and concepts that will enhance and accentuate your wedding décor. We have beautiful décor that only our brides and grooms have access. Make your wedding uniquely spectacular. Since decor is important to you then we are the wedding planner/designer for you!

4. I want to work with InStyle Wedding Planning. Can I afford you ?

Absolutely! Your time and energy are valuable. Wedding planning is a FULL time job. Can you afford the stress, lost time with family and friends or taking away energy and production from your work? Our brides and grooms are busy professionals. They hire an expert to pull off the most amazing day of their lives so they can do the things they loved to do. Isn't that what you want? You too can be in excellent care and can enjoy your engagement. You will find working with InStyle Wedding Planning you will be able to stretch your wedding dollars no matter if your budget is $25,000 or $250,000 or more. With our experience we can suggest ways your money going further than you even thought possible. You will want the best wedding planner to hand pick the perfect wedding professionals that fit your wedding investment and style you choose.

5. My reception is at a hotel that has a coordinator, why do I need a separate wedding coordinator?

That is an excellent question that we get from brides. We love the coordinators that work at the hotels; however we always want to be sure clients know in advance what role they play for your wedding. Hotel coordinators answer your questions about the policies of the venue, assist with menu choices, and process your paperwork. Many times on the wedding day the venue coordinator is not there or leaves early. The venue coordinator will not set up your many personalized items such as your favors, seating assignment names, sign in book, gift box, champagne flutes, and other personalized items that you would like set up on your special day.

In addition to the items mentioned above, InStyle Weddimg Planning & Design at a recent wedding had one of our coordinators deliver lunch to the bride and bridesmaids. They picked up the bouquets from the florist and delivered them to our bride so that she would have them for her "get ready pictures" that were at a different location. This is just a few items that we did for this particular client the morning of the wedding. Months leading up to the wedding, we negotiated all our clients vendor contracts (including the hotel), helped with finding the perfect place for her wedding dress and accessories, ordered the "save the dates" and invitations, designed the entire décor for the wedding, and many other services that hotel coordinators do not do.

6. How can I tell if a wedding planner is reputable?

InStyle Wedding Planning & Design has a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Most clients around the country are very familiar with the BBB and their standards. Our clients are investing in a very important day in their life and should rest assured that a reputable company is taking care of this day for them.

7. Why does a wedding planner need to know from the beginning what my budget is?

We are asking at the beginning in order to serve you the best. It assess our time needed to successfully coordinate your wedding. Our coordinating is based upon our time, expertise, and the time of our staff. A clients wedding budget will tell us immediately how many vendors will be involved and how much time our client will need our assistance. We will be working continuously with hired vendors leading up to the wedding and the big day itself.

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